Day Two Hundred Seventy-Three

There were some great surprises today. My first surprise was seeing the happy little fellow seen in my featured image. He was at my sister’s house this morning. I am struck by how gorgeous his shell was. Never underestimate the power of seeing something out of the ordinary to give your day a boost.

I went down this week on the scale. I lost 1.8 lbs for a total of 79.2 lbs so far. My Weight Watchers meeting was great. We had a good conversation about how to eat the foods we want to eat and still be on plan. The secret for me is planning and making choices. For instance, I had a serving of popcorn today as a late snack. I opted not to have a hamburger roll at dinner. I can eat what I want but I can’t eat everything. Learning this is an important lesson for me.

Surpise Gift

My sister and I received a thoughtful gift from our friend Rose today. Thank you, Rose! Practicing yoga with these tapes is going to be a fun way to improve on my form, get some activity, and help with my sense of balance.

I am doing well on the journey I feel great and I believe that this will be the time I make it to GOAL! More tomorrow…

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