Day Two Hundred Seventy-One…

I believe that words define our reality.  They provide an outlet for us to direct our energy. I believe words open us up in a way that lets us share who we are, and who we hope to become with the world.

Words of Wisdom

So when it comes to this journey what words do you use?  I believe this matters, it is very important. You just joined Weight Watchers, or Gold’s Gym – what words come to mind?  I don’t pretend to know how you might answer this question. It doesn’t matter what I think, the only person who matters here is you.

I can only tell you this when I got serious about getting to goal I became quite clear about what I wanted. why I want to do this, and how I was going to make it happen. Having these three ideas crystal clear in my mind has helped me to tell a better story about getting to goal.  So I wonder what’s your story? Think about your words carefully because they pave the road to success.


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