Day Two Hundred Sixty-Nine…

Routine is very very important when it comes to weight loss. Packing food for the workday, having a regular exercise schedule, and even writing reflections all are all helpful habits.  However, having a routine does not have to come at the expense of rigidity.

Flexible thinking

I was flexible today and I know that ability is helping me to stay on plan for the long run.  For instance, even though I brought my lunch to work, I splurged for a Ceasar salad with grilled chicken. I pulled off the big bready croutons  (they didn’t appeal to me) and I had a lighter dressing on the side. I wanted to have lunch with my friends and I’m very satisfied with my choice.

I do a lot of running around and it would be so easy to skip my reflection but that is a critical part of the journey for me. These posts are helping me to process my day and help me to get closer to goal!

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