Day Two Hundred Sixty-Six…

What happens when you go up? You go on. My first reaction as s I reflect on my results on the scale this week is that I am in control. All week people have been commenting on my weight loss, and certainly, that is because I’m losing weight. However, I think it’s more than that I think it’s my self-confidence that people are responding to – I feel like the woman I really am inside.

This blog exists as a platform for total honest reflection to help myself, and I really hope, others who are like me. There is no reason for us to suffer alone when we can do so much better together. So, the flip side to my new found confidence is a feeling of dismay that I went up. I am living the plan When I look at My Weight Watchers Recovery Plan Checklist I know I am on track. I am disappointed that I went up it feels a little like losing at a casino… I placed my bet and I came up short. That was my second reaction… However, if I dig a little deeper, I know that it’s really nothing like that at all.

Robert De Niro Words of Wisdom

I stayed within my healthy eating zone. That’s not luck. I met my activity goal. That’s not luck. I practiced mindfulness. That’s not luck.  It’s not luck, it’s dedication. I have made a conscious decision to change my life and I am making that happen. Me. So, my next questions (I do love to ask questions) are:

  • What exactly are my expectations?
  • Are my expectations realistic? 
  • Am I really in this for the long run?
  • Is my why compelling enough?

All of these questions are stemming from my reflection and by listening to other members today at my meeting. I heard exactly what I needed to hear there and am so fortunate to benefit from the perspective of others. I realize that I blessed to have a positive inner voice; however, it’s still only one-sided and when I listen to others, I see things I most definitely would have missed on my own.  Asking and thinking  through all of these questions is as important (maybe more so) as finding the answers to them. My short answer for all is that my resolve to get to goal is intact.

Words of Wisdom Self Care

I went for bike ride with my husband after my Weight Watchers meeting today. We rode all around our neighborhood and it was such a good time. I could do it easily, as I felt my body responding to the physical needs of the ride. That is a Non-Scale Victory or NSV I truly have my energy back and I don’t feel older than my age. If anything, I feel younger than I did a year ago.  I’m going to get to goal, and so can you – believe it!


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