Day Two Hundred Sixty-Five…

I am scrolling through Weight Watchers Connect and I am so inspired by the pictures and messages I’m reading. Some are poignant, funny, while others show pictures of people who have been totally transformed.

Words of Wisdom

I had a conversation with a colleague today and I saw a lot of myself in her. Well, to be honest, she has it a lot more together than I did at her age.  She works in a full-time position, is married has two adorable little girls (a three-year-old and an eighteen-month-old) so obviously, she has a full plate! Anyway, we were eating lunch and chatting when our conversation turned to health. I don’t typically talk about weight loss or health because I don’t want to be one of those preachy people. It’s different if I know someone belongs to Weight Watchers because I know that they get where I’m coming from.  Lots of people at work have commented on my weight loss recently and I guess that was what prompted her to say, “You know, I think there are times in your life when you can devote time to yourself. Like right now, I’m just so busy there is no time in the day to get in exercise. I’m exhausted. I just can’t fit anything else in.”

Words of widsom

Maybe she is right, maybe not… the important thing is that, for her, right now this is her truth. I could have suggested ways that she might fit in activity but it has to be important for her to do it. Our beliefs make an ennourmous difference. Whatever you believe for yourself is what will eventually becomes your reality.

Teaching Writing
I work with Kindergarteners learn how to write and I think this could be as true for myself or anyone who want to make a plan of action.

I believe this time is my time to get to goal. I weigh in tomorrow and I’ll see if I move closer to getting to goal this week or not. Either way is ok because  I’m in a good place and I’m feeling strong. I hope you are in a good place too. Thank you for reading.


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