Day Two Hundred Sixty-Three…

I am not perfect, I can be fickle.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.36.09 PM

Last week a colleague said, “Jenn, you’re on Weight Watchers and I know you can’t eat this.” as she brought in a little dish of pastries to share with a friend of mine. I was annoyed, sitting across from them thinking to myself, “It’s not that I can’t have it, I can have anything I want. I just don’t want that right now.”  

This week, a different colleague had to run out at lunch and asked me if I’d like a coffee. I was delighted by this kind offer. When I came back into my room I saw a donut (my featured image) sitting there next to my coffee. What the heck! My colleague came in, “OH yeah the guy at 711 gave me a free donut I thought you’d like it.” Boy was I annoyed, she knows I lost all this weight – why is she leaving me donuts? “Oh, thanks but I’m not going to eat that. You should take it.” She put her hand over her stomach, ” Thanks no, I can’t eat that.” She tossed it into the garbage.  

As I reflect I realize I’m being oversensitive. None of those people have any power over me unless I give my power away. The choices I’m making are for myself so I can be happier in my own skin. I am learning how to be more poised and perhaps that is the flip side of fickle…


I’m learning every day on this journey just another reason why it’s worth taking on this goal. More tomorrow…


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