Day Two Hundred Sixty-One…

I had a craving for something sweet tonight. I had to pick up my son and I knew he would be hungry. So looked up how much a Dairy Queen Kids Cone would be, (8sp) and then I looked up the fudge bar (2sp). I decided to go for the Fudge bar. It was a good choice because it satisfied my sweet tooth and I still stayed on track. These are the important everyday choices that can make the difference.

Words of Wisdom

That’s how it goes sometimes, these choices don’t always have to be a tremendous struggle.  I’m learning that I can be alright with making a compromise if it means having a successful week. On the other hand, I also understand how challenging it can be to stay on track when you really want something that it’s plan friendly. For me, what really matters is knowing that if I really wanted the ice cream cone, I could have eaten it. I’m not deprived I’m informed, or at least that’s how I’m feeling right now.


Learning how to say “Yes.” to somethings and “No!” to others is an important lesson for me to learn. Every day is a discovery and deepens my resolve to get to goal. How are you doing on the journey? As always, thank you for reading.



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