Day Two Hundred Fifty-Six…

Learning Communities went really well. I was able to highlight lead teachers and celebrated their work with students. It was also a great assessment of where we are in terms of the implementation of workshop teaching. Workshop teaching is a more responsive way to teach and it requires a huge investment in terms of professional learning. This is what I do, I train teachers and work with students. Often times, I am placed in vulnerable situations and it can be exhausting. Why do this? I believe work is meant to stretch us to new levels and that just goes with the territory when we put ourselves out there. So, let’s just say I’m feeling a little “stretched out” right now! Just the same it’s a relief that it went so well…

Words of Wisdom
Thank you to Kimberly Davis for sharing these words. We are the decisive element not only for our own lives but also for how we influence others.

I feel different today. I don’t feel hungry at all. I reserved a bike in spin class tomorrow morning (5:15 am) and that makes me feel so good. I am going to bed by 11:00 pm because getting enough sleep is as important as tracking and measuring out my food and getting regular activity. This is a lifestyle change, not a weight loss gimmick. I am changing my life for the better, I am really doing it, and I feel so much more authentic. I feel like I was lost for a long time and I’m finally coming back home to my true self.  Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts about your own journeys.  We are truly better together and there is no reason why we all can’t get to goal. Believe it and it will happen.

Appreciating beauty makes the journey even better.

Mother's Day Flowers

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