Day Two Hundred Fifty-Four…

It took a long time for dinner to cook and that presented a problem for me. I was really hungry. I tried to make a smart choice when I decided to have a snack. I had a serving of turkey pepperoni and low-fat Cracker Barrel Cheese (4sp). I could have been more mindful while eating though. I think I ate it too quickly, and by the time dinner was ready I was still feeling hungry.  My dinner was a healthy choice: pork tenderloin, potatoes, and mixed vegetables (9sp) I could have waited a while before having dessert. Then I had two Weight Watchers Peanut Butter  Carmel Bars (8sp).  I gave my son the last one. I have decided that I won’t be buying those again because, although they were good, they were not worth all those points.

I’m not perfect, thank goodness that’s too much pressure! As I reflect on today I am really happy that I took the time to examine my behaviors and food choices. I could have been more mindful and I could have planned out dinner better. It’s not good to that I felt so famished. On the positive side, I did stay within a “blue dot” zone.

Words of Wisdom

My final thoughts are this, I know, all too well, that there are subtle choices that can make the difference between staying on track or going off the rails. When I make this about good or bad; right or wrong I start to set myself up for a fall. When I take time and reflect on what did, what I might have done better, and what I did well I take ownership of my choices. This is what living life on plan looks like, or at least what it looks like for me. I hope you had a good day and I thank you for joining me on the journey.

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