Day Two Hundred Forty-Seven…

I was excited to go. My husband and son were in the kitchen, I smiled and said, “I can leave my feet flat on the floor when I do Downward Facing Dog already.”  I dropped into the pose and bounced back up. I felt great, As I said, I was excited to go.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.16.31 PMWithin moments of finding my place on the floor and sitting on my matt, I realized this class was beyond my ability. The instructor moved effortlessly pivoting on her feet with strength, balance, and grace. While I marveled at her level of skill, I was overwhelmed by own inadequacy in comparison to her and others in the class.

I did what I could and I made it through the class. and in the end, I’m proud of myself. This is my journey and the more I focus on what I can do rather than what is difficult the better. Coming at something from a position of strength is the better way. I am sharing this story because someone could be reading this post right now who is struggling with something. Whether it’s food choices, getting more activity, or managing stress. You may look around you and see others who seem to be succeeding where you feel you are failing. If this sounds about right to you, chances are you don’t have that right.


We only see the surface, we don’t know all the training and practice (the underlying process) that has gone into a thing we only see the product. So focus on yourself, be kind to yourself and keep at it – things will (eventually) get easier. In the meantime celebrate every new thing you do that made you a little uncomfortable. Celebrate these times because these are the experiences that will help you to grow. More tomorrow.

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