Day Two Hundred Forty-Three…

It was a good Thursday. Work was productive, we ate dinner at a decent hour, the kids got to all the places they needed to go; so overall, it was a success on every level! Weight Watchers encouraged us to focus was on self-care and kindness.  So I decided to make that my personal goal for the week.


Today’s featured image is my “kindness artifact” because I wanted to share how writing these posts is an act of kindness. Writing helps me to reflect and consider what I learned during the day. It puts me touch with my feelings while connecting me and my experiences to others. It helps just knowing that there are other people who are working on the same goals as I am. Writing has changed my whole experience with improving my lifestyle. It is it as important to me as following the Weight Watchers program and getting activity. Writing has set me free.

Thank you for reading, more tomorrow…

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