Day Two Hundred Forty-Two…

I guess I’m experiencing an ebb and flow to this process, and lately (over the past three days) I am very hungry. I got home from work and it wasn’t too bad. I  went upstairs washed my face, brushed my teeth and then I decided to try on the last of my clothes that are still too small. I have a few shirts that pull at the buttons, and some pants that either too tight or still don’t fit at all. The one pair I haven’t worn since 1987.  So, they’re old enough to be vintage and that’s kind of cool – but no dice! It’s pretty amazing though, I don’t have that a lot of clothes that don’t fit anymore and that’s sort of weird.


So… I was waiting for my husband to get home, and then it started. The problem is that I didn’t plan out dinner. Lack of planning is a potential pitfall for me. Since it was internal hunger I ate: 1 Mini-Baby Bell (1sp), 2 cups of popcorn (2sp), 1 sugar-free jello pudding (2sp), 24 gms of pretzels (4sp), and a piece of a chicken breast (0sp). Later I ate salad with chicken on top and a half slice of spinach pizza followed by a Yasso Pop   I used a total of 26 points for the day. Right now, I feel a little too full to be satisfied so that’s something to think on as well. I didn’t really need the Yasso Pop (5sp) but I wanted it – and sometimes I think it’s better to indulge a craving than stamp it out. I was able to have it, track it, and still remained in my healthy eating zone.

Words of WisdomMy featured image is me, just taking a couple of minutes to think about my day and to consider how I was feeling. At that moment, I was feeling happy to finally be home, and a little tense about figuring out the rest of the day. Maybe that had something to do with my hungry episode, maybe I was just hungry, most likely it was a little of both. The reason I decided to share this image with you as a kindness artifact is that even though it’s not exciting or extravagant it is important.  Just having a quiet moment to stop and reflect is helping me to make this change to a healthier lifestyle stick.

My kind inner voice…

Jennifer, you are figuring this all out – some days are harder than others and that’s just how it has to be. Be proud of everything you have accomplished because it has taken a great deal of your time and attention. You are just shy of 75 pounds down.  You are doing a great job, and that’s amazing.

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