Day Two Hundred Forty…

So when faced with a choice to get home from work and immediately start my evening routine, I chose kindness instead. I decided to go for a walk with Sadie and my hubby. We took a brisk walk and talked about our days. We had a good conversation and just being outside together really helped us to feel, good.

While walking I turned my gaze outward to admire big beautiful bunches of bright yellow daffodils (my favorite) songbirds and the beautiful sky. I made a conscious decision to be fully present. Although the spring air was a bit windy and cold it was exhilarating. I made a point of not taking out my phone to snap pictures because I wanted to focus on the experience itself.

On another note, I was pretty hungry today! After some reflection, I decided to eat an “emergency Kind bar” (no pun intended) on my ride home. It was six points, so it was more than I wanted to use but I was truly hungry. Then, after my walk, while I was packing and pre-tracking my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow,  I was still very hungry. This is what I ate: one cup of popcorn (I measured it), a halo, 1/4 cup of pistachios, an apple (it was very tiny like the size of a big crabapple) and a turkey roll up. Some days are like that on the journey, some days you will be hungry and the best thing to do on those days is to eat a little more. The only thing, at least for me, is to measure, and track and eat and see how I feel.

Sometimes, that’s the best I can do – I just have to keep giving my best to this and eventually, I’ll get to goal. This is true for me, and it’s also true for you. More tomorrow…

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