Day Two Hundred Thirty-Nine…

Sometimes a goal will just find me. On Friday, I was brainstorming ideas for goals that would challenge me.  I considered mindful eating, practicing mediation every other day, or to try a new class at the gym. Well, you get the idea…


Practicing kindness is our focus this week.  At first, I thought about making this week’s goal focus on doing random acts of kindnesses.  However, it’s been my experience that people like me, who struggle with weight and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, tend to put themselves and their needs second to others. Does this sound familiar to any of you? So then I wondered, how can I practice kindness if I’m not actively being kind to myself? As strange as this sounds I feel guilty just writing that down in this post! Yet, I would never suggest to anyone that they feel guilty for being kind to themselves.


If the reason why we set goals is to help us to grow, then a goal should not always feel so comfortable.  This is why I think I my goal this week needs to be practicing self-compassion. Each day I’m going to post an image and explanation of the kindness I did for myself. I am thinking of it as a daily artifact of kindness or self-care. Today’s featured image,  going to spin class, is an artifact of me being kind to myself. I really enjoy spin, it helps me to feel better both mentally and physically.  As I prepared to go, I consciously thought about how this was an act of kindness and that made me feel more connected to needs of others, as I did to my own.  My inner voice took a kindness stance and reinforced the decision to go, and how it was a positive thing not just for me but also for the people who care about me.

If you read my blog, you might be wondering, “She always goes to spin what’s so different about that?” The difference is to practice the conscious effort to think of going and why I go as an act of kindness. It’s about not taking anything for granted and to hold some gratitude in my heart. It feels better to think this way.  Now I’m wondering something, What do you think? What would kindness turned inward do for you? I hope you will consider joining me on this week’s goal.  Try it out with me be kind to yourself each day and see if it makes a difference.


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