Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight…

This week’s results are in…

April 28th

My sister and my friend also lost .6 this week too. My friend was a little disappointed with her loss though. If it’s all about the number then I can see how it might be disappointing at the beginning of the journey.  My journey is not defined by the number on the scale. It’s not because I am so happy with how I’m feeling I’m just so happy to be in control, knowing  I’m changing my life as I  make progress on my way to goal.

Words of Wisdom Bonnie
Bonnie is my Weight Watchers leader and she does an amazing job inspiring everyone to stay on plan

I am feeling different, I feel physically lighter these days. This fantastic feeling is a result of months of effort. I have to thank other Weight Watchers members for this. Each week I attend my meeting and this one was amazing. We began with a great conversation about how to make good compromises to stay on plan. Here are some tips from members:

  1. Make a behavioral change go to your bedroom at night so you remove yourself from food.
  2. Using Hearts of Palm Linguini to save points (0sp)
  3. Cutting back on some foods and eating more of others. For example, have two eggs and one slice of toast.
  4. Write point values on the box or a post-it so you are more informed before you eat.
  5. Use your journal to look back on your eating pattern

Being part of my Weight Watchers community, writing these posts, and practicing self-care are all strategies for my successful weight loss. Even though I’m making it happen, I know that I couldn’t do this alone. There are so many wonderful supportive people in my life. I’m also so happy to be that person for others as well. Together we can accomplish our goals just believe it and then it will happen.


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