Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven…

Improvise. Making something from whatever is available can be kind of wonderful. After a long day at work, and rainy ride home, my daughter and I made a really delicious dinner out of some random foods I had in the house:

At just 4sp this shrimp stir fry was amazing. We had a nice time just chatting and cutting up vegetables and sauteeing shrimp. Since I’ve been living the Weight Watchers plan, these are the kinds of foods buy, so all this healthy food was just available and that made the difference.

Big Magic Quote

Here are some reflections on my week, I met a number of my goals:

  • I stayed within my points range all week except Wednesday I was a little under.
  • I went to spin three times and earned 51 fit points and I am feeling stronger.
  • I monitored my external/internal hunger cues (I’m getting better at that)

Brainstorming potential goals for next week:

  • Practice mindful eating one meal a day
  • Practice meditation every other day
  • Try a new class at the gym
  • Write a letter of gratitude to each member of my family
  • Do a random act of kindness for a stranger
  • Take Saide for a walk on mornings I don’t go spin class
  • Draw each day and/or write a poem (I enjoy both of these)

Sometimes things don’t work out as I hoped, and of course, we all have disappointments.  That’s life. I believe the whole point is to keep pushing ourselves to grow despite the little “bumps in the road”.  This journey is helping me to grow in ways that are surprising. I am so much more self-aware, I value reflection and feedback, and writing my story each day is helping me discover who I am.

I love these trees in spring.

Tomorrow will be 55 days until my countdown clock runs out – that is very weird! Time is flying by and I am at a whole different place than when I started the journey 74 pounds ago. As always thank you for reading, more tomorrow.



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