Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five…

If work were an ocean I’d be somewhere deep in the Pacific by now. I am drowning in work and trying to beat a deadline. Today’s message is to consider what is really, really important to you. If weight loss and change are important you will find ways to make it happen. You have that power within you and if you are questioning that power then I have a question for you: Why doubt your inner power to make this change?

If you’ve tried before and failed, the past was just a warm-up for today.  This time can be the time that sticks – believe it. I have tried and failed so many times that you might have thought I would’ve given up. But, I never gave up because I always had the hope inside me that one day I would get there. Now that I’m standing just one pound shy of 75 pounds gone, I realize there is no arrival – there is only me. I can do this, and so can you.

Any chance I get to celebrate a little whimsy in this life is a reason to be happy.  It’s ironic that my featured image shows this completely relaxed little guy (a tea diffuser my daughter bought herself today) taking a soak in a teacup. Go with the flow is my new mantra – or at least that is what I keep telling myself. More tomorrow…


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