Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three…

What can I be grateful for today?

  1. I got to work on time despite backups on the Sunken Meadow and  the LIE
  2. It was a very productive day, I finished everything I had to before I left for home
  3. When I got back into town, I treated myself to a manicure
  4. The kids had a good day and everyone seemed happy when I got home
  5. Our playful dog (sweet Sadie)
  6. A good conversation with my daughter
  7. We ate a nice simple dinner: turkey kielbasa, peppers/onions, a 1/3 c of rice.(5sp)
  8. Dave and I laughed a lot at a TV show
  9. There was strawberry Halo Top for dessert (9sp for 1 1/2 cups)
  10.  Books Little Fires Everywhere & My Grandma Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry

If I hadn’t taken this time to write this list I think I wouldn’t have fully appreciated all the good things that happened today.  Gratitude goes a long way on a weight loss journey. I think that’s true because it’s kind of easy to get down on yourself, weight loss takes a while! During that time it is easy to be filled with self-doubt: maybe you are on a plateau, maybe you’re losing weight slowly and wish it was coming off faster, or maybe you just want to quit…

Melody Beatie Quote

But,.. maybe if you just took some time to ask yourself, What can I be grateful for today? You would see the world a little differently. There are days when this journey is difficult, try to make it a little easier on yourself by filling your heart with gratitude.  Write your own list and see if it helps. Remeber, even though this takes time, you are worth every moment.


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