Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three

The day started on a good note. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm. I felt rested and awake, I headed out to spin class and had a great time. This is the last day of a long work week, so I was looking forward to a productive day and the reward of the weekend.

Leaving the gym
The early morning light was really pretty.

Well, the day was a rough one. It’s not that any one part of it was so bad, but everything was just a little bit off. It’s one of those days.  My weight loss has enabled me to get in touch with my sense of power and control.  Writing has given me the gift of reflection and I am so grateful that I figured this part out. Sending these posts out there is very cathartic because I know that you are reading them. I have a sense that you can relate to my struggles and that helps so much.  There are going to be hard days on the journey, but this day is just a moment when I think about the scale of a little over seven months of doing this.

2  SmartPoints
My friend just started Weight Watchers and I brought her one of these they are great only 2 SmartPoints per bag.

My week in numbers…  I used 22 SmartPoints today and rolled over 50 for the week. I had 255 minutes of activity and earned 60 FitPoints.  I think the scale will be kind to me tomorrow but since I can’t control what it will read, I don’t want to dwell on that too much.  I’m doing great no matter what the scale reads, and there are no promises made for effort – I’m doing this for myself and that is good enough for me.





4 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three

  1. You make me want to write my own struggles. You are amazing and that you lost so much in such a short time is phenomenal. I am impressed and a little jealous.

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  2. You ARE doing great, Jenn. I can also tell you that many people told me that Friday just felt like an “off” day. Maybe the moon? The weather pattern?? I admire how you continue to give yourself grace, no matter what life throws you.

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