Day Two Hundred-Nineteen…

I am teaching after school four out of five days this week. Today was the first of those days. So, when I got home, did a quick change and went off to yoga…

At the yoga studio, the lights were dimmed, mellow music was playing softly, and there was a distinct earthy smell of scented candles. The teacher asked us to close our eyes and concentrate on our breathing, the next thing I heard was my sister knocking on the floor next to me, “Jenn… are you asleep?” I fell asleep during my yoga warm-up!

I bow to the god within you.

In the end, I had a good workout and actually broke out in a sweat during parts. I came home whipped up a quick low point dinner, and now I’m pretty unmotivated to anything else.  The problem is my day is not close to being done yet: there is still more work to do, I have to pack and (pre)track breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. I wonder, can you relate?

Angry face
I can relate!

I think that’s why people hesitate to take on the challenge of a weight loss journey. The thing I have to remember is that doing activities like going to yoga, or (pre)tracking my meals, and taking time to write, are all ways to care for myself. When I take time for self-care it helps me to be able to manage everything else.


  • Yes, I’m going to spin tomorrow
  • Yes, I’m going to get up and go down to the kitchen to pack & (pre)track my food
  • Yes, I’m taking a little time to write and reflect on my day
  • Yes, I’m going to be kind to myself because I’m doing my best
  • Yes, I am good enough and so are you

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