Day Two Hundred-Fifteen…

“You look so good!” is all I can think, as I look at beautiful before and after pictures of Weight Watcher members. They are made all the more beautiful knowing that the road to getting to that picture was paved with dedication, reflection, and hope.

Jean Nidetch

Making the decision to lose weight is different for everyone. Some people join Weight Watchers on a whim, others do it as a last resort, some join with a friend and go along for the ride. The people who stick it out and devote themselves to the process are the ones who realize being a Weight Watcher is more than just losing weight, you are now part of a community. You are part of something that is bigger than yourself. Devoting yourself to others as well as yourself makes a powerful bond. You are not alone.

Same Lunch!

When a new girl, Chrissy, came to work at my school I knew we would be friends. One day (Day 159) we were having lunch together, and we soon realized we were both Weight Watchers because our lunch choices were crazy similar. We were instantly bonded!  It was so great to know that I had a friend at work who understands what this journey is all about. Chrissy recently hit another milestone is down 79 pounds! She posted a before and after picture to celebrate her success so far.   As I reflect on her success, I feel so much empathy because I really understand her accomplishment. I am truly as happy for her as I am for myself. I find that I feel that way for everyone who is successful on the journey, even if I don’t personally know them. It is so surprising and wonderful to feel that for others as I do for myself. This journey is teaching me to really believe in the power we all possess to change our lives. Incredible.


When we are achieving our weight loss goals, hope burns within us like a fire. It warms us and keeps us going into the future.  Sometimes, when we hit a plateau, that fire can diminish and our hope can wane. For me, this is when I look to others, and I find that like a fire, hope can catch on and spread. I can do this, and so can you. This is hard but we can do this together.

Chrissy Before & Now
Way to go Chrissy! You’re an inspiration!

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