Day Two Hundred-Nine…

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, and I am thinking about how I did this week. I tried some new recipes, I packed and pre-tracked my breakfast and lunch meals so I could stay on track. I connected with other Weight Watcher Members like my sister and co-workers.  I also on Connect, Twitter, and Facebook to be inspired and to (I hope I was) be inspiring. I exceeded my activity goals.  There were two days where I was feeling pretty hungry.  Now I realize that it’s important for me to keep a snack on hand that is satisfying a fairly low in Smartpoint values so I can manage those times better. Something simple like having an apple and 15 grams of nuts available is an example of a good snack choice for 3sp.

I did have a mini victory today. I thought I was hungry for a snack, I had the bag of popcorn in my hands. I looked at the clock and realized it was coming up on lunchtime and I made a better choice and had a satisfying lunch. I followed my Meal Builder for five days out seven. The reason I didn’t follow it the whole time is that I was too ambitious with new recipes. Now I know for next time.

Words of Wisdom

As I travel towards goal, I realize that this journey is teaching me to care for myself. It’s not selfish to want to make yourself a priority. I know that sounds obvious but I think I’m really only understanding what that statement means when it comes to me.  More tomorrow…

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