Day Two Hundred-Five…

The Sunken Meadow…

Slowing to take the turn, right blinker on, brake lights firing red. Hello! Yellow pops of color there to greet me while merging southbound on the Sunken Meadow. Good-bye! Looking back, framed in my rearview mirror I see your spindly brown branches adorned by asymmetrical petals. So completely wild and free and with outstretched cheery blooms waving to the fleeting sun. Don’t worry spring is on the way.

Half Pigeon Pose…

“Pick a spot on the floor to fix your gaze.”  Dim light filtered across the honey stained hardwood. My eyes swept across the room and settled on a metal water bottle. It had a dull sheen that seemed to hum in the twilight. “Keep your right knee soft and reach back and pull your left foot towards the body. Try to keep your knees together.” My right foot trembled and shifted weight from side to side, I bent my left knee and reached back to clasp my foot. Shift, shift, left leg down. Again. Eyes fixed on the metal silhouette. Left leg up my knee was jutting out to the left as if there were no center – shifting, hop, hop, hold it – down. Sigh… Again…

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.53.12 PM

Patience Is A Virtue…

I remind myself that change takes time all the time. Whether I’m longing for spring, learning how to do a yoga pose, or getting to goal. Sometimes, I wonder why it takes so much time to effect change. Then I think to myself, what’s my rush? Embrace the wait! I am finding so much joy with where I’m at right now – why wait for happiness?  


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