Day Two Hundred-Four…

The journey to weight loss and healthier living begins like a toddler learning to walk. We toddle, and each tentative step is a test of our endurance and balance. There will be stumbles and bruises that come with feelings of elation and pain. Just as children become more confident in their footing moving from walking to running; we take our newly learned habits for healthy living and begin to cruise through decision making. Things that used to trip us up, like, what should I pack for lunch, or how should I schedule activity become less challenging because we have more experience.

New eyes

I am at a point in my journey where I feel like an Olympic hurdler. I can run and glide over hurdles and make it look effortless to onlookers. However, that would be a huge misconception because making these changes stick requires a great deal of dedication.

I think it’s important not to underestimate the skill and determination that this journey requires of us. I can do it, and so can you and we should all feel proud of ourselves for meeting the challenge.  So if you’ve had a bad night, or have overindulged and now are feeling remorse, I tell you to get rid of those unhelpful feelings. They are weights on your feet and are designed to keep you down.  Understand that all of us stumble and fall and it hurts to get back up – that’s ok.  In the end, we are stronger for having tried and failed than never trying at all.  You got this.

4 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred-Four…

  1. What a powerful Slice about failure and the lessons of falling/failing. Like so many, I forget how important the work of effort is (and I missed two Slicing days already), and when you miss/slip/fall — to return to the work. Thanks for the lovely Proust quote.

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  2. You are the 3rd person I’ve encountered in this Slice of Life Challenge on a weight loss journey, and then, in our local paper today, there was an article by a feature writer sharing the same. Kudos to all of you on your journeys, and your successes on the way.
    And thank you. Because I believe in the message of 3’s, I too plan on beginning my own weight loss journey in 2 weeks. Thank you so much for the motivation.

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