Day Two Hundred-Three…

It felt very strange to see my countdown clock slip from months to days. I just noticed that I have 90 days left to get to goal. Numbers on the scale are part of this journey and today is my day to weigh in, so here is my result:

My Loss 3 24 18

With this little number, I have graduated to a new weight range. I feel as if I have turned a corner and I am happy that all my efforts are paying off.

We had a great meeting about being organized and taking action when it comes to meal planning.  I left my meeting feeling inspired to pre-plan my meals for the week and decided to give it a go. I created two documents, a “Meal Planner” and a “Shopping List” template to help me. I thought that maybe they might help you so I added them to my Tips & Tools Page.

It was challenging to think about meals for the week, but I think it will pay off. The last time I did this I liked it much more than I thought I would. I think it’s very important to keep the journey fresh and to find ways to engage with the program.

Words of Wisdom

Many members of my Weight Watchers meeting are so generous to share their struggles and triumphs and that helps me understand my own perceptions and feelings.  I think people are getting bored with the zero point foods. The thing is if we only eat the foods on that list, we are dieting and not changing our lifestyles. I had Chinese food tonight and it was delicious. I can do that on Weight Watchers because this is not a diet. It’s my lifestyle. Some of you reading this may be wondering what’s the difference?

Words of Wisdom

The difference is that a diet is temporary and cannot be sustained forever. People diet to fit to fit into a swimsuit or for a special occasion. When you attempt to change your lifestyle you realize that life is the occasion!  I am learning how to live a healthy life for the rest of my life.  That’s why I write each day because I cannot learn anything unless I reflect on my thoughts and feelings.


A Poemt for Spring



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