Day Two Hundred-One…

Ups and downs don’t just happen on the scale. Today was one of those days, I wrote a blog post for a blog I share with colleagues that I really enjoyed writing: Reflect, Refocus, & Renew. When I read it over, I felt very happy and pleased with my work – everything was great.  Later in the day, I had a misunderstanding with a friend and I felt just awful – I couldn’t shake the negativity. Ever have an up and down kind of day?  It’s completely disorienting!  Even the weather was weird. The day began covered with snow, and by the afternoon it was if all that snow were just a dream:

I guess my takeaway is to remember that food is not a solution to unhappy situations. Food is also not a reason to celebrate happy news. Food is something to be enjoyed for what it is – and yes, what it is, is complicated. Food offers connections to my past, rituals, and comfort. All of this is the truth. Yet, this is the truth too – food also offers hazards to my health,  the means to sabotage my confidence, and unhelpful coping strategies. See? Ups and downs, for every positive there is a negative.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.28.08 AM

My weight loss journey is becoming more and more about reclaiming my personal power.  The more I understand myself the more I understand who I hope to be. Hopefully, we continue to grow throughout our entire lives because I am very aware that I have so much more to learn. Thank you for reading.

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