One Hundred Ninety-Four…

5:40 am

“If it feels the same, you’re not getting stronger. You should feel the difference, if you don’t, add on another gear.” My legs felt markedly heaver pulling the flywheel around in labored, but smooth rotations. If someone were looking, they wouldn’t be able to tell how hard I was working.  I was working really hard, but that’s what I came for. I came to leave it all out on the floor – to work hard and then start my day.

Making Connections…

This memory of this morning’s spin class stayed with me all day. It came back to me while I watched my students work to read and understand. They worked so hard, and they were changed, they are growing as readers and writers,  for having put in the effort today. I came to me when I was planning for professional development for tomorrow, I really care about what I do and I want it to be a good experience for my faculty so I gave  100% of my care my time and dedication.  It came to me when someone complimented my blue dress and asked me what I was doing,  “Weight Watchers.” I said, “It works you should join. The new program is great, the community though is what makes it stick.” 


To the outside world it must look like I’m just turning my flywheel they don’t see the dedication, and commitment it takes to make all this look easy. There is not one thing I’d change, I am very happy, but none of this is easily won. When you want to make a change, you’ve got to care.  When you decide to care, you have to hope. When you give yourself over to hope you have a chance of making it. So, I encourage you to go “all in”  on the journey.  You can do this, I believe in you.



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