Day One Hundred Ninety-One…

When I think about my journey, I also think about goals. Breaking down a big goal into smaller goals allows me to get a sense of progress. With each goal, I accomplish the more I believe that I can actually get to goal. Here are some goals I’ve been able to set and achieve:

  1. Attend and be an active member of my Weight Watchers community
  2. Tracking (even pre-tracking) my food every day.
  3. Planning and preparing foods that help me stay on plan.
  4. Scheduling time for activity.
  5. Writing a daily blog post to reflect and grow.

These all began as goals and became integrated into my lifestyle.  Life is better this way, I feel very fortunate. So when I think about you reading, I wonder…How’s it going? What goals have you achieved? What’s next for you?

Words of Wisdom

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