Day One Hundred Eighty…

The Power of the Pen…

I received a letter with a book recommendation from a student of mine today. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the little heart in the character’s name (I love that)…

So, of course, I wrote her back and sent my letter off with a book recommendation of my own! Writing connects us in important ways.

Words of Wisdom
This quote is very real for me. Through this blog, I am learning and I am learning because I’m writing.

Why is it important for children (and adults) to experience the power of writing? I want them to understand that it’s important because writing helps us to capture our lives. It gives us permission to pause and reflect. It clarifies thinking by allowing us to linger with words. Our words suspend time so we can learn new things, describe experiences and explore feelings. Writing lets us share in each other’s humanity and helps us to outgrow ourselves.

Changing My Life…

I have set my intention to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I have been a Weight Watcher for years, but this time it is different. This is my year to get to goal and become a Lifetime member. Having this goal has changed me. It has put me touch with my inner power and has woken me up to my own potential. As I have become more self-aware, I find that I have a deeper appreciation for beauty. I look for it and am finding it everywhere and that is changing me too.  It may sound strange to you, but it’s the truth, and I couldn’t have gotten here without writing.

Words of Wisdom




3 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Eighty…

  1. What a lovely post.

    You’ve reminded me of the importance (and beauty.. and peace) of letter-writing and of the importance of connecting with our children. This is something I haven’t tried, but the year’s not over!

    And then there’s the goal setting for personal improvement.. Such a rich post!

    Thank you!


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