Day One Hundred Seventy-Eight…

Having the right tool for a job is a wonderful thing. I love my spin shoes because they help me make the most of my workout. The support my weight on the pedals and keep my feet locked in the right position. Sure, they are old but they are magnificent! I had such a great class this morning, and these shoes allow me to work at a higher level of fitness. I am definitely getting stronger and felt the benefit of my workout all day today.

So this was the first day I came home with a clear plan for dinner where I  knew exactly what I was going to make. I have to say, this was (surprisingly) useful. I am in the first whole day of pre-tracked food, and this planner is feeling like a hidden gem. I am all packed up for breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, and knowing what I’m going to be making for dinner takes off some pressure. So far this is a good experience.

The bread was an add-on at 3sp, and the mushrooms 0sp Total dinner: 8sp

If you are feeling like changing old habits to a healthier lifestyle is too hard, I encourage you to pick one new thing to try. Small changes have big impacts over time. If this is something you really, really want for yourself take some time for YOURSELF. Take a class, buy some special foods, try a new recipe, talk with some friends who can help you. You are truly worth the effort and if you make some changes you will see the difference!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.57.46 PM

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