Day One Hundred Sixty-Six…

I am changing – I feel different I am lighter than I used to be and that is having a positive impact on my energy levels. I love going to spin before work! I love it because it is a powerful way for me to begin the day and I enjoy it. I don’t think I could have predicted this when I first began going.


The world is starting to change too. I noticed birds singing as I walked back into the house after class this morning. That was special and I was grateful to experience it first-hand More often than not, it’s easy to miss these small gifts.I’m working on how to be more connected and aware of what is going on around me.


I can see my goal on the horizon and that is different too. Lots of people are noticing my weight loss now, and sometimes that feels good and sometimes it feels awkward.  Either way, the most important thing is that this is something I am doing for myself.  I will be sitting in a free seat that will be paid for through the day-to-day dedication it takes to get to goal.



2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Sixty-Six…

  1. I think the buhdists had it right. Toward spirituality one must fast and cleanse. In some respect we are doing the same thing.


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