Day One Hundred Sixty-Three …

I had a challenging day at work. After my workday was done, I had to stay after school and run professional development for many dedicated teachers, who also had busy days filled with their own challenges. Then when I got home I had to work on a very tedious data report and I just finished now, at 10:04 pm. We all have stressful days, and that is nothing new.

What is new… in the past, I would have been snacking throughout all of these stressful situations. Mindlessly picking at chips and candy.  That didn’t happen and that is a huge step forward for me. I didn’t go on auto-pilot and revert back to old unhealthy habits. I didn’t even recognize this when it was happening, it’s only now that I have this quiet moment to reflect that I can appreciate this NSV.

What changed?

I wonder how I am making these changes now when it’s been so difficult in the past. I think about getting to goal every day, and when I think about it I believe it will happen. When I think about NSV’s I am genuinely proud of them.  Not thinking about or needing to snack during stressful moments is something I wasn’t able to do last year at this time. All these little steps are steps in the right direction, and expect for there to be “bumps in the road”. Writing these posts is a rewarding way to reflect by elevating my awareness for this process – that is really different from past attempts. When I write, I imagine you reading my posts. My hope is that something I write will connect with you because I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret and I want to share it.

Words of Wisdom

By doing all these things, I am learning that the challenging days don’t derail my efforts. There will always be hard days, but learning how to get through them without sabotaging myself feels pretty amazing. I hope you had a great day.  Even if you didn’t, just remember any day you are on plan (even if it’s not what you would call a successful day on plan) is a better day you spent wishing things were different – you can do this! Believe it!








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