Day One Hundred Sixty-One…

A community is a thing that I need on this journey.  I can’t do this alone, and I realize I am always writing this, and I am going to write it again – I am so grateful for everyone who reaches out and decides to do this with me. Yes, we are all on our own path, but we don’t have to journey alone.

My Week Feb 10 In the past, I would go to my meetings and feel so inspired, and think, “Ok, I’m gonna’ do it this week. This the week that I’m going to get ‘on track’ and get with the program.” Then that burst of energy would burn and wane like a candle’s dwindling flame. It’s as though I would forget all the support I really have.

Once I began to realize all the love that is out there for me (and you) this became easier. If you are reading this right now, and you feel the struggle and frustration of trying and failing to build a healthy lifestyle, I feel that pain. It seems so far off and hard to do because it just seems to require too much effort and work. So, I would just turn off that light and close the door on that dream, and let myself get drawn into all the other parts of my life. Then Saturday would roll around and I would start the cycle all over.

I wonder, do you believe me when I write that you can do this? Do you think, “She doesn’t know me, so she can’t write this to me.” I wonder, do you think, “This is just what I need to read right now, and yes she’s right I can do this.”  Either answer is the truth, the difference is what you believe.  I know I can have this and that’s powerful, and I know you can have it too.

When losing weight and changing your lifestyle becomes an exercise in endurance it is exhausting. When losing weight and changing your lifestyle becomes a gesture of love it brings joy.  Joy feeds the energy and that’s how we can shine. Shine on, you can do this. 

Advice from my Weight Watcher’s meeting to get you going…

We are truly smarter when we think in a group. Every time members share I am blown away by their generosity:. They are sharing everything I need to know to be successful:

  1. Find a few minutes each day for activity it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal
  2. Plan for the week. Grocery shop, prep and bag up foods so they are convenient.
  3. Plan out dinners for the week so you don’t have think about what to eat.
  4. When foods are tempting at work think, “That’s not my food.”  you won’t eat it.
  5. Write down everything you eat, it makes you mindful.
  6. Use the scanner from the Weight Watcher app when you shop, it helps.
  7. Don’t assume to know the points of something, it can be really different.
  8. The pocket guide is also a really helpful tool.
  9. Think through your options when dining out, have a plan before you go.
  10. Plug in the nutricional information if a resturant is not listed into the calculator, it will give you the Smart Point value.

I am out here rooting for you, and I feel it, I think you are rooting for me too. We can do this, and there is no better time to get started than now.

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