Day One Hundred Sixty…

This pair of jeans have been out of reach for years and today I wore them to work. Someone gave me a compliment about my appearance and guess what? I just said, “Thank you so much.” The jeans, the way I handled the compliment are both non-scale victories for me.

I am feeling more confident.

The way I see myself may shape the way I see the world and in turn, perhaps, the way the world sees me.  Our Weekly asked us to examine unhelpful thoughts and give them a reality check. For instance, I didn’t plan out what we were going to have for dinner tonight. An unhelpful thought about that situation would be, “I am hungry and now I have to figure out what I have to eat?”  The helpful twist would be, “I am hungry because I’m eating healthy foods regularly and fortunately I can have lots of options.”  The helpful thoughts put me on a path for positive action. This is a good exercise, and I encourage you to give it a try.


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