Day One Hundred Fifty-Nine…

It was pretty crowded in the faculty room today. People were sitting in their regular seats, eating their lunches and chatting. I put down my lunch bag and looked at the items the others were eating, and I had to laugh, the girl next to me had Cape Cod Chips 40% less fat variety, and Mini Babybel Lite Cheese just like me! When I unpacked my lunch, I said, “Check this out.” and she immediately laughed too, because how weird is that pairing?  Until, she said, “Well, I’m a Weight Watcher” I smiled and said, “Me too.” 

Babybel Lite Cheese = 1sp Cape Cod Chips = 3sp

It turns out she has lost over 70 pounds and looks amazing!  I really love that now I have a new friend with whom I can talk about the journey.

I went to 5:15 am spin class this morning and had a great ride.  I notice that I’m getting stronger and that is a very cool accomplishment:

Many people are starting to notice my weight loss. It is really nice to have their admiration for my accomplishment.  In the past, I would have just been embarrassed, but as with everything else, it’s different this time around.

Soup's On!
Really delicious soup. I just used soup greens from the food store, I did add a potato, fresh spinach, beans and some frozen leeks from Trader Joe’s. Easy and delicious! 

What hasn’t changed is my need to be self-deprecating.  Today, someone said, “Hey Jenn, you are getting so skinny!” Instead of saying, “Thank you.” I said, “Thank you, it’s a lot of work.”  Sure, doing this takes some effort, but the truth is (for me right now) it’s not a lot of work. Why did I say that? Do I have some kind of need to downplay my dedication and success?  I think I have to watch that so I don’t undermine myself. Does any of this make sense?


I hope you had a great day on the journey. Any day on plan, even a rough one, is better than a day off plan. Just remember why you are doing this, and hold that reason in your heart – your head will follow. More tomorrow…

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