Day One Hundred Fifty-Five…

It is a rainy, gray Superbowl Sunday and I’m starting to feel like I’ve been imprisoned in my kitchen! Between cooking a sizable turkey breast for dinner (along with some traditional sides), prepping foods for the week, and pre-packing and tracking my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, and making various snacks for my husband and son – I’m pretty much done! One thing I can feel really good about is that I didn’t sacrifice my needs for the sake of everyone else, I still practiced self-care and that is a little victory:

Another thing to celebrate is that the way I’ve structured activity is working for me. I enjoy spin class so it doesn’t feel like an obligation. Also, I really love going for walks with my husband and our dog. Our walks give us time to decompress and talk, and Sadie enjoys them immensely, and that makes it even better:

Changing over to a healthy lifestyle is truly a journey of self-discovery. For me, Weight Watchers offers a dynamic and flexible path to follow and for that I am grateful. I have begun to realize that the more I share of myself in this process, the greater the reward. I’m not only defining success by numbers of pounds lost, I’m defining it by my sense of optimism and how present I feel in my life.  I feel like I have been woken up.

Words of Wisdom

For me, this is a profound discovery and it’s one I want everyone to know about because the more optimistic you are the better chance you have of being successful. Check out Jason Silva’s Optimism is a  Self-Amplifying Feedback Loop.  He is very inspiring because he is challenging us to examine our choices and how we flex our power. 

Three Good Finds 

  • A new favorite seltzer flavor, Polar Setzer Toasted Coconut, is getting me to drink more water. It reminds me of summer, which seems very far away right now.
  • Sometimes I’m looking for something crunchy, and these little crackers, Good Thins Corn Sea Salt, gives you 41 crackers for 3sp. I think this may be a good movie snack rather than eating popcorn.
  • Wholly Guacamole Mini’s are a convenient and tasty way to add some variety to my lunch bag, or dinners for 3sp. You might be thinking that’s a lot of points for an extra thing, but I find them to be very satisfying for a long time. It must have something to do with the “healthy” fats that are in avocados.

More tomorrow…

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