Day One Hundred Fifty-Three…

I am thinking about m weigh in tomorrow. As I reflect on my progress this week, I can honestly say I did well. I had “blue dots” every day, except Saturday. My SmartPoints range went from 33 – 14 SmartPoints.

Happy Birthday
I had a skinny slice of the vanilla half. It was just enough to taste it and still feel in control.

Last Saturday, I went to a Birthday party for my niece and nephew and everyone had a great time. This was a special occasion I drank a wine spritzer, I ate Chinese food for dinner and a skinny slice of that lovely cake. Yes, I am on Weight Watchers. I don’t know what the scale will read tomorrow, but my clothes are looser and I am feeling stronger.

I’m pretty tired, but it’s a satisfied tired. I stayed late for Snuggle Up & Read. This is a community event my school hosts to celebrate a love of reading. Teachers dress up as characters, read stories, and have great conversations with students and their families about books. Knowing that I would be working from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm (then commuting home) I planned ahead:

I wrote the message on the whiteboard for anyone reading this post. I like the idea of being a positive voice in your life, being here to remind you how valuable you are and that you are worthy of self-care.  So, thank you for reading!


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