Day One Hundred Fifty-Two…

Giving my goal a deadline is one part of the motivation that drives me to action every day.  I began my day at 5:15 am spin class and I had a challenging, satisfying workout. I feel like I’m getting more fit, and that’s really amazing.  I am seeing results in how I feel and in my appearance. If you are considering adding activity to your life I can tell you it has made a big impact on mine. So find something you enjoy and do as Nike suggests, “Just do it”

It was another good day at work. I am seeing a lot of growth with my work with students. I trained teachers assistants today and found them to be a professional group of women who are dedicated, smart, and just really nice:

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. It’s pajama day so I’ll be going in wearing my snowflake PJs. I have to bring a change of clothes with me because we are hosting our school-wide Snuggle Up and Read event. That involves staying after and reading books to children and their families until 9:00 pm. I do love getting a chance to connect with our families so it’s worth it.

Planning Ahead…

Aside from packing a change of clothes, I also have to pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Living a life on plan means taking action to prepare. I am packed and tracked I am ready for the day:

Pretracking is a great strategy
I made sure that I packed plenty of choices. I will have no temptations to eat out or nibble on faculty room goodies!

I ended tonight with a little treat some Breyers Delights ice cream it was very tasty!

I hope you had a good day on plan. I hope you are prepared for tomorrow and mostly I hope that you are feeling strong for this journey. Remember you can do this.

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