Day One Hundred Fifty-One…

They say three is a magic number and today was a magical kind of day.

One: Something Special Happened for Students

I am a Literacy Coach, that means I am a teacher who provides literacy instruction for students and professional development for teachers. I work in a school district that is socioeconomically diverse. Right now we are hosting the  Scholastic Book Fair  but unfortunately, there are many students who cannot afford to buy books. I applied for assistance from The Book Fairies They are a generous and dynamic nonprofit organization that provides children’s books to those in need. If you have books to donate or want to donate or are looking to get involved they are an amazing organization.

Two: Watch Out Proud Mama Moment! 

My son is a kind of serious kid. He really applies himself to the things that interest him and he has a knack for making the most of his opportunities.  Tonight he celebrated the completion of his training by being inducted into the Huntington Youth Court.

This is a special program where high school students volunteer their time to serve as attornies, judges, and jurors. The cases are real, they are misdemeanors committed by other students who have violated school conduct rules.  The emphasis in on growth, not punishment and I think that’s amazing! These kids are making it happen and I’m just blown away by the dedication of everyone involved.

Three: Keeping Myself On Track By Being Flexible

I am like so many others who are learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. We tend to be “givers”. We give to our work. We give to our families and friends. Often times we leave ourselves out because, well it’s just exhausting. It’s easy to see why it is challenging to take that time out to pack a healthy lunch or think about the points of a nice dinner out or wake up early to workout. There are temptations all around us that make it so easy to just say one cookie can’t hurt:

And the truth is one cookie is perfectly fine – more than one even.  Weight Watchers is there for us to learn how to live our lives around all this temptation. However, for me right now in my journey, I just don’t want it – not today anyway. I want to get to goal.

So true!
I love this quote.

I want this year to be the year where I finally achieve my goal, I want it for me.  Can you relate?  Every day on plan is a success even if it’s not a successful day on plan.  There are ups and downs to this journey and it takes some time. Time goes by either way, so take time out for yourself. Dedicate your efforts to something that means something to you. You are worth it.