Day One Hundred Fifty…

Having a real grasp as to why I want to lose weight has changed everything. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like it should be such a powerful thing, but it is I promise.  I’ve been thinking about something a member of my Saturday morning Weight Watcher tribe shared. She said, her “why” was that she wanted to be in pictures with her family again.  That when she looked back at her life it was as if she had been erased. I understand…

Words of Wisdom
I love a song that tells a story:  

Heartfelt goals have a way of making us all show up. They have the power to transform if they are rooted in a belief system. Every day, for (almost) the past five months (at some point in the day) I think to myself,“I am enough. I can do this.”  and the thing is I believe that it’s true.  No doubt, it’s a long journey made up of thousands of small decisions that get us closer or further away from goal.


Truth? I have been here before in terms of a number on the scale. However, I have never been here in terms of my resolve. Having this steadfast belief in myself is all brand new. I wish I could write something that would just flip the switch for anyone reading this post who is trying to tap into personal power to make a change  Really, I think it’s not something to be given; it’s something to be found within yourself.


Don’t wait for tomorrow start now, it doesn’t matter what happened before because that does not define what will happen next. You may be closer than you think. Keep showing up, and keep making the choices that you know will pay off even if you don’t believe it yet.  Celebrate every little thing because you are on your way! Believe this, your resolve is there – either you’ve found it or it’s waiting to be found. Either way, you can do this.


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