Day One Hundred Forty-Six…

Isn’t it so easy to focus on the stressors in life? Yes, it’s important to think critically about problem solve or create strategies for stress; up to a point. Once the thought process turns from productive reflection to a worried fever it’s time to as my mother would always recommend, “Change the subject.”  So, in that spirit at the end of a busy long week, I want to focus on some happiness. The research is in and it’s true that happier people are more productive Daniel H. Pink makes a strong case for happiness and good health:


A Happy Moment In My Day…

I work in a primary school, and in the morning I’m assigned a hall duty. I stand in the middle of a long hallway as children enter school to start their day. I stand in the middle because that helps children to remember to walk not run. I feel like an island in the midst of a strong current, “Good Morning!” I smile, and then I compliment their outfits, or their happy faces, and say “You look like you’re ready to learn!”  followed up by,“We are so happy you are here at school today.”  If I see someone who looks like they might be off to a rough start, I’ll be sure to say their names (I know most everyone’s name) and make eye contact. I want to be part of the reason why children love to come to school and I am grateful that I get to start my day cheering them on. 

Tools Spotlight:

My notebook and the Weekly materials I receive from Weight Watchers are tools that help me on the journey.  I take notes during my meeting and sometimes I read them and think about my group. It helps me to know what others are doing that is helping them. It also helps to know that I’m not the only person who struggles with this

Tomorrow I weigh in and see how much closer I am to goal. No matter what, it was a good week on plan. I do love being part of my Saturday morning group. So many members are so encouraging and supportive, and I am often humbled by their generosity. Reflecting on my progress this week, I have to say that I believe that losing the weight is changing more than my appearance.  I notice that I am becoming self-aware in every aspect of my life. Thank you, thank you for reading.

Words of Wisdom