Day One Hundred Forty-Five…

I went to professional development in the afternoon. Before it began, there was a little time to eat lunch. The pretty young teacher sitting next to me had a medium sized bag of Peanut M&M’s, a bag of chips, and an iced tea. She watched me unpack my lunch and she said, “Oh, you’re good it’s all healthy food.” What was really cool was I didn’t feel deprived, nor did I want her snacks. I think that’s some progress.Words of Wisdom

Having daily, and weekly goals is very important:


  • I am tracking, weighing, and measuring my food each day
  • I prepare a variety of foods so that I look forward to eating
  • I am writing every day to reflect and grow during the journey


  • I am engaging in activity, that I enjoy, three times per week
  • I participate in my weekly Weight Watcher meeting
  • I prepare a new recipe each week

As I achieve each one, I am creating healthy habits that will eventually,  not only get me to goal but will help me to maintain.

Tools Spotlight…

Everyone who signs up for Weight Watchers receives a Success Story book. This is the place they record your weight. Although this little book is more than that. It is a place to write down your reflections about the journey, define your goals, and to set new ones. There is a body of research that supports writing down goals, 42% greater likelihood of achieving goals when they are written down. (The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams)

So, it makes sense for me to blog, no? Every day I take a few moments to think and write and it is making a significant impact on my success and wellbeing. Thank you for reading.

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