Day One Hundred Forty-Four….

Today I was gifted with a little act of kindness.  I didn’t even notice it when it happened. One of my students was looking (well examing is really the word for it) my fob that was wrapped around my wrist with a blue rubber band while I was talking with another teacher. When I got home from work, I took off my jewelry and then I saw it:

She had stuck a sticker on my fob “Unique!” I had to smile, I am always struck by the whimsy and light-hearted nature that children seem to possess.  That got me thinking of the little things I try to do lift my spirits and keep my momentum going.

Today I tried on some clothes that I have not been able to wear because they were too tight. Well, guess what today all these clothes fit!

I also think it’s important to take time out of the day to take care of myself.  Just writing that makes me feel like I need to be a little self-effacing.  But think about it, if we don’t pamper ourselves a little, who will?

It’s not that any of these things are extravagant. It’s more that it’s a way to show myself a little care and appreciation. So, if you are reading this right now, my wish for you is to do something nice for yourself. Little gestures go a long way to keeping your resolve for the journey.

Tools Spotlight:

This is one of my most important tools. Now Freestylers don’t fret, you don’t have to weigh everything there are over 200 foods that have a zero points value. For example, I don’t weigh bananas or carrots. However, I still weigh my protein. You see I really enjoy eating real food. Shocker! I mean I didn’t get to Weight Watchers because I ate too much dessert. I mean, I did eat too much dessert but that wasn’t the only reason. 

For me, I want to track how much I’m eating so I can look back at my data so I can inform my decision making. I guess you know I’m a teacher after a statement like that. But it’s the truth.  Consider using a scale if you’re on the journey…

As always, thank you for reading. Even though I don’t know exactly who is reading these posts, it helps to know that you’re out there.

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