Day One Hundred Forty-Three…

Tuesday 4:30 am…

I was dreaming when the alarm went off. I tripped over the ottoman blindly feeling around to silence the phone. My husband groaned, “You’ll have to take Hayley’s car. I didn’t move the cars around last night.” I grabbed my clothes that had been laid out the night before, drowsily shoving one leg at a time into my leggings, thinking I have to leave by 4:50 am  if I want to keep my place in the class because there would be people on the “Waitlist” who would gladly take my spot if given the opportunity. On that note, I was out the door and on my way,

No doubt that leaving the house to go to spin, before putting in a full day at school is challenging.  Why recommend this? My reason is simple, it’s  because after I do it I feel strong and sharp.  It’s not just me, there are scientific evidence that activity is proven to enhance brain function and memory (Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills)

Words of wisdom

A good choice may lead to a better outcome, and it so happened that I had a great day at work. I went into a second-grade classroom and taught a lesson about what readers do when they’ve read something and then they realize they either don’t remember or don’t understand what they’ve read – they are having a “Reading Emergency”  That got me thinking about how everything is better when we are fully present and intentional.

So if you’re having a “Weight Watcher Emergency: just know that every day is a chance to turn things around so you can get back on track.

Tools Spotlight:

I see my weekly Weight Watcher meeting as a powerful tool. Every week I am inspired by the generosity of other members who share their stories, ideas, advice, and support. It is truly unconditional. When members of my group are successful I am as happy for them as I am for myself. When members are having hard times I feel complete empathy because I’ve been there too. Just knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself motivates me to show up and try my best. 

There is also virtual communities through blogging with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Connect. They all offer opportunities to expand my circle of support to share my experiences and to learn from others. I cannot emphasize this enough no one has to do this work alone. More tomorrow…