Day One Hundred Forty-One…

Ever been around someone who gives you an energy boost? I saw my nephew today at the gym, and he is absolutely that kind of person. Both charismatic and kind he smiles and everyone around him smiles too. I went into my spin class feeling special and loved what can be better than that?

Gym Cubbies
I’ve been thinking about how we are all in this world together and it’s really important to make personal connections with others.

Leaving class, I ran into my friend Eddie. As we were both getting ready to leave we were commenting on how hungry we were for breakfast – of course, right?  Then he gave me the apple you see in my featured image. I could have said, no thank you, but why not say yes to an unexpected gift? I used it to make myself a very delicious breakfast.

Apple and berry oatmeal
4sp Apple Walnut Berry Oatmeal. It was both yummy and satisfying.

It’s important to know why any of us want to change our lifestyles and to get to goal. My why is that I want to live a healthy life for as long as possible. Knowing how is just as important and more elusive. Knowing how means creating an action plan, and here it is: 

  1. Work the program because Weight Watcher’s  #Freestyle works!
  2. A fitness routine, three times a week at Gold’s Gym Spin Classes feeling strong!
  3.  Making connections: giving and receiving support family, friends, colleagues.

Tools Spotlight:

For this week I am going to highlight a tool a day that is helping me to close the gap from where I am now to getting to goal. Seth’s Blog post, The Gap really captures my feelings about this. I chose to be inspired by the challenge my gaps present and these tools are really helping me along the way.

I don’t know exactly why this activity log helps but it does. I like recording my workouts after I finish each class. It feels good to make my activity goal for the week. I guess it feels like progress and that’s why it helps me.: More tomorrow.