Day One Hundred Forty…

It was a great meeting today. There were so many people, and we had a productive conversation about tools.  Before I write anything else, here is my journey by the numbers:

Some January pictures

Our conversation was all about how to build toolkits to help us on the journey:


Everyone at the meeting talked about how useful the Weight Watchers app is and that’s funny because just the other day, I blogged about how it is helping me make informed choices. We discussed how using a scale, measuring spoons, and even the My Success Story journal are ways to build toolkits that will help us all achieve goal.

When I left the meeting I came home, and did an inventory of all the tools I have to help me on this journey:


This is what being on plan looks like for me. I know if I’m not using my toolkit I’m not really on plan. These tools are not expensive nor are they fancy but they work for me. I think it was a good exercise to go through everything and see what I have and what would be helpful as I go forward. This awareness is what keeps me close to my goal to reach Lifetime this year.

So, there is no secret to making the plan work you just have to work the plan. Take some time and figure out what you need to be successful. Then take stock of your house and build your own toolkit. This is how to get results and yes, it will be difficult some days but you can do it! So can I! So let’s do this thing together.  More tomorrow…

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