Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine…

I pulled over on my way home from work so I could capture these pictures. I think my search for beauty is enriching my weight loss journey in ways I could not have imagined:

I believe actively looking for beauty in my everyday life is bringing me closer to my true nature. I like to write, and writers like to observe and think. Sometimes, I think about these things deeply, and especially, when I know that I can’t capture the image. My mind wanders as  I think about how I would describe it to another person. Like this morning, it was early and the sun was well into its rise. There was this incredible orange light, the kind that we only get in the wintertime. It seemed to paint the world in its warm fiery light that was so complete; as if it would always look that way.  Then a seagull flew over me and the whole underside of the bird glowed with the morning sun in a way that was poetic. It made me think about how amazing our world is, and how it’s a miracle that ours is a Goldilocks Planet.

Goldilocks planet
For this, we can be truly grateful

So, sometimes strange coincidences happen and just after I thought about all of this, I turned on the radio and it was playing an NPR story about MIT’s Infinite Corridor, and a phenomenon known as MIThenge. There are two times in the year when the setting sun is framed by this Infinite Corridor and for a few precious moments you can see it’s light fill and recede in a way that connects us to the rotation of the earth in a very basic way, as if the sun were sending the message, “Yes, you are the ones who are moving.”

So, at this point, I wonder if you’re still reading – isn’t this supposed to be a blog about my experiences as a Weight Watcher? It is, but for me, this journey can’t only be about recipes, reflections on exercise, and Smartpoint values. It has to be more than that because good health is not limited to those things. As I reflect upon today, I realize that as I lose the weight I am becoming more present in the world.

I weigh in tomorrow, and I really would love to write that I don’t care about the number on the scale is but then I would be lying. I do care, and I think it may be important to work past that but I’m not sure how to proceed.  Anyway, I think it will be a good number, but you never know my body may have other plans. On the positive side, I can say, more people have noticed at work that I am losing weight so it is showing.

I am grateful that I finally seem to understand the significance of my journey, I am changing my life. I am grateful for simple things like the grace of morning sunshine. Mostly, I am grateful for all of you who read and understand this I feel stronger standing among you than all by myself. More tomorrow.

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