Day One Hundred Thirty-Eight…

Do you know that feeling when you start doing something, and then it hits you pretty quickly that it is going to be REALLY difficult? Today in spin class I hit that wall. Early in the workout, my legs were protesting with each turn on the “flywheel” and I knew it was going to be a huge challenge! At one point, I actually began tapping into my lifeguard training. Each time I turned my head to the side I inhaled through my nose and blew the air out of my mouth as though I was turning my head into the water…  that helped a little:

A little inspiration from Fontella Bass:′

At the end of class, I went out into the hall feeling a mix of dismay, relief, and happiness (weird I know but accurate) when I saw my friend Jennifer, and she said it was a rough class for her too!  It was so affirming to know that someone else understood how I felt at that particular moment.

Words of Wisdom

For the rest of the day, I felt on top of the world because I had done something that really challenged me. The challenge is what connected me to my inner power, and I think I definitely need those moments as I make progress to goal.

What today taught me…

Sometimes, it’s going to be a struggle. and those times make me “show up” and redefine my commitment to this goal. I can decide to just do the work. So, if you are struggling with something and you think that it’s just too hard, my advice is to dig in and keep going.  Other people have gotten to goal, and there is no reason why we can’t too. More tomorrow…



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