Day One Hundred Thirty-Four

Have you ever seen, A River Runs Through It? It’s a movie adapted from the semi-autobiographical work of Norman Maclean. It’s set in Montana in the 1920’s, and if you love beautiful language intertwined with a story of a love, family, and reflection then this is the movie for you.

There is a beautiful scene where Norman is sharing that he would be moving to Chicago to Jessie, his future wife, who greets this happy news with “Norman, it’s the berries!”  I have always loved that expression and think of it when I am greeted with happy news.

“It’s the berries.” That’s what I thought of when I looked down at my breakfast this morning. This was the best breakfast and I really appreciated it after spin class. 0sp

This was lunch – which was also really great:

Turkey, black beans, avocado, and 1/2 ounce low-fat cheese on a toasted tortilla 5sp

I love that my food is colorful and delicious. I am not feeling deprived at all! Right now I am sipping a white wine spritzer waiting for dinner to finish cooking. I am very appreciative of how good food tastes and how my choices are making me healthier.

Yesterday, at my Weight Watcher meeting, we talked about having the feeling of control. We discussed  the importance of mindset and growing our ability to have control over what and how much we decide to eat. Since the meeting, I’ve been thinking about this word, control and I don’t think it’s quite right. I think the word for me is POWER!

define it

Now, that I’ve been on this journey for 134 days (in earnest)  I am thinking a little differently. What I think I needed all along was to get more touch with my inner power. I have been operating under the assumption that food has a kind of control over me and that I have to fight it to take control back. For that reason, I think the word control implies something that is temporary and transferable. On the other hand,  power implies something bigger, something innate.

We all have the power to make choices that will get us to goal. I have it and so do you. Writing is helping me to reach out and grab my power through the narrative I tell myself, “This is the berries, it’s the best breakfast.” Or, “The world is so full of beauty, let me get out and explore it.” Or, “Activity is helping me get in touch with my inner power.”

In the sunset of his life, Norman Maclean was part of a major motion picture to make sense of his life – but we don’t need to be in a movie, or be at the end of life to appreciate what it is we have here. No matter what condition you are in you are here and you are enough, make the most of it. I promise you you will not regret taking a moment a day to reflect on yourself, your progress, and your “why” so you can get closer to your powerful self. More tomorrow…

My search for beauty continues…

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