Day One Hundred Thirty-Two…

Another week has passed, and I am reflecting the eve before my weigh-in day. I did have another strong week. As I scroll across my days, I think to myself, how’s it going?


I am living the plan. Even though I am living the plan, my body may not perform when I get on the scale tomorrow.  That does not mean I will give up. With the help of Weight Watchers, I am attempting to change my life.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 8.53.56 PM

I read a great article from Time called, The Weight Loss Trap, Why Your Diet Isn’t Working  It was a really interesting read. There was one quote that stood out to me because it rang true:

“The researchers at the NWCR say it’s unlikely that the people they study are somehow genetically endowed or blessed with a personality that makes weight loss easy for them. After all, most people in the study say they had failed several times before when they had tried to lose weight. Instead, they were highly motivated, and they kept trying different things until they found something that worked for them.” -Sifferlin

My takeaway is that, for anyone who decides to embark on the journey, the journey will be very personal. What works for you may not work for me. However, we can come together and support one another along the way.  There is no reason I can’t accomplish this goal. Part of it is that I want to feel comfortable with my appearance but the bigger part is that I want to live a healthy life for as long as I have this life to live. There are so many things outside of my control but this isn’t one of them.

So, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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